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Based on your goals, you can invest your money in a portfolio over-encumbered with dozens of real estate projects – each one proactively developed and carefully handpicked with the goal of growing your net worth.


1. Maximize your returns with our low-free approach

2. Diversify your portfolio with real estate

3. Historical annual returns


This is what you, home investors, get when you invest with EZ Finance – the best real estate investment company:


1. Access: to a once-attainable investment class

2. Performance: decent expected returns through a superior model

3. Expect management: by a team of experienced real estate professionals

4. Diversification: across dozens of individual properties


Institutional investors have outperformed public markets consistently over the last two decades by investing in alternative assets like private market real estate. EZ Finance democratizes access to this once-attainable asset class, ensuring that anyone can become a real estate investor irrespective of income or net worth.