About Us



EZ Finance is a financial investment company that specializes in investing in a portfolio of private mortgages on behalf of investors. We have the ability to source a broad range of investment opportunities, allowing us to be selective and prudent in our choices of mortgage investments. Through our portfolio investors have the opportunity to earn higher returns than traditional products like GICs and bonds.

Why Choose Us?

At EZ Finance, we aim to provide Investors with an attractive and stable yield from our investment in mortgage loans. As an investor in our company, you can take advantage of our proven mortgage and real estate expertise. With us, you can get a stable, secure income backed by real-estate properties.

  • Secure Mortgages Investments

Our mortgages investment are secured by residential real property located predominantly in Ontario.

  • Stable, Attractive Returns

Our portfolio of investments is designed to provide investors with an attractive yield, paid on a monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Dedicated Services

We are committed to fulfilling our clients’ investment objectives by providing them with stable and attractive returns.

  • Our Goal

Our goal is to make your investment grow safely and steadily. We treat your money as our money, by investing up to 10% of our money in every deal we do.


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